Leather Protection

Leather naturally ages with time and can begin to look quite tired and worn out if not properly cared for and treated. Bright Car Detailing use a three-step system to professionally clean and protect your car’s leather seats. We can also apply a ceramic coating to your leather car surfaces for long-term protection (Extra Charges Apply).

Before leather protection can begin, we remove all the dirt and oil build-up from the seats. Once clean, we apply a moisturising, non-silicone coating to bring the leather back to life. Our leather protection will not only help to restore the softness and natural feel of leather but will also guard against:

  • Accidental liquid spills
  • UV rays
  • Cracks, dirt, body oils and stain
  • Dye and colour transfer from clothes, such as jeans

With Bright Car Detailing’s Leather Protection treatment, cleaning up any small, accidental spills with alcohol wipes is a breeze. Our leather protection and can last up to 12-18 months.

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