Ceramic Coating Terms And Conditions

Bright car detailing 3 years warranty cover on ceramic coating

Suitable vehicles for ceramic coating

vehicles new or used with in 7 years of age, special vehicle category such as vintage or classic cars.

Our warranty covers

Bright car detailing warranty on ceramic coating cover car exterior paint if damage occur from contaminations such as environmental dust, tree sap bird droppings, environmental chemical, bug, tars. Bright car detailing will access the damage and customer need to meet our warranty guidelines. Our warranty if maintain in warranty period it can be transferred to other people name. In order to cover warranty they just need to have their invoice and transfer paper ready. (Melbourne region only).

Period of cover

Bright car detailing provide 3 years warranty on their ceramic coating. In order to cover this warranty customer agree to have inspection after every 6 months. If customer doesn’t meet our 6 month inspection time then warranty period will be limit to 1 year only. After one year the warranty period will be terminated.

  • The vehicles must be register on road use only

  • Warranty cover starts the day invoice issued.

  • Only passenger vehicle will be cover under warranty. Commercial vehicles of any kind will be not covered.

  • In unfortunate event such as accident the vehicle must need reapplication the ceramic coating within 30 days. Reapplication fee will be pass to its owner. It is vehicle owner responsibility to claim that money from insurance company. Fail to do reapplication will void to total warranty for the remaining time.

  • It is important to Maintain warranty period vehicle owner must wash their car or get washed their car on regular bases to void contamination build up.

  • 6 moths inspection required to maintain warranty which will include washing exterior and decontamination.

  • 6 month inspection price will be determine before Bright car detailing wash the car. Quote will be pass on to the owner.

Will not cover

  • Vehicle washed with poor methods such as manual car wash, hand car wash, brushes or automatic wash will void the warranty.

  • poor maintain exterior of the vehicle will void the warranty.

  • Swirl marks, holograms, marring and scratches, stone chips, hard water marks.

  • damaged caused by hails, storms, accidents, natural diastases or accident damage which has been fixed with repainting the panel will not cover under warranty.

  • Fail to take 6 moths inspection 30 days give or take will void the warranty to 1 year.