Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating is a smooth, hard protective layer, which gives your vehicle a clear, tough finish. The best time to apply this coating is to brand new vehicles or cars in showroom condition. Used cars can also benefit from this service too. Ceramic coating will guard the car against deep scratches and swirls, which are pricey to repair. Bright Car Detailing uses a new age, high polymer paint protection of Liquid Quartz Glass and Nano Technology. This coating is stronger than traditional paint systems.

There are lots of coating options on the market and many of these have a life span of about 6-9 months. These poor quality coatings are usually a clear paint layer applied over an existing colour paint finish. With used cars, we remove the remaining clear coat, and then apply our high polymer ceramic coating to the entire vehicle, bringing back your car’s shine.

Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Service Officer

Why Would I Choose a High Polymer Car Paint Protection?

Customers often ask, why do I need car paint protection?

  • Hold the value of your car
  • Can increase the value of your
  • Protect against paint fading
  • Easily wash away dirt and grime from the surface
  • Protect the original paint finish
  • Provide heat shield against UV rays
  • The most advanced Paint Protection on the market
  • Ceramic coatings are cost effective

For example, many standard coatings are not as good as ceramic coatings, which can last for only 6-9 months, however, the ceramic coating system from Bright Car Detailing will have a life-span of 2-5 years. On average, standard paint protection will cost about $400 to apply and this out-dated coatings require four lots of reapplication, costing $1600.

Office Car Detailing’s high polymer ceramic coating is a single application method which is a huge saving at almost half the price of the regular paint finish. The ceramic coating will not only last longer, with a high-quality paint protection, but it will also save your back pocket.

Benefits of Office Car Detailing’s Ceramic Coating

The first step of Ceramic Coating is to remove all contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior paint finish. Imperfections such as swirls marks, haze and holograms are removed from the paint using our advanced paint correction system. Bright Car Detailing’s attention to detail is sure to bring out the maximum shine and appearance of your car.

Our high polymer ceramic coating is a tough and durable coating that has the following benefits:

  • Scratch resistant

  • Repels water

  • 9h hardness

  • Repels dust, including brake dust

  • Resistant to bird droppings and tree sap

  • Repels chemicals

  • Reduces mineral water spotting

For wheels, leather seat protection and windscreen coatings, please contact Bright Car Detailing for professional help in all areas of car detailing.

Ceramic Coating

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