Cut And Polish

Cut and Polish can enhance and restore your car’s surface and shine, which will help to maintain the value of your vehicle. Paint correction, paint rejuvenation and paint restoration are common alternative terms for Cut and Polish. Here at Bright Car Detailing, we recommend a professional Cut and Polish:

  • Before a Ceramic Coating application
  • During the removal of oxidisation from paintwork
  • To erase moderate to heavy scratches from the paint surface

Over time, your car’s exterior shine can become faded and dull when exposed to dirt, the sun and every day, wear and tear. Harsh chemicals and brushes from car washes and incorrect washing techniques can also cause damage to your vehicle’s paintwork and appearance.

Car detailing service Pakenham Cut And Polish

Factors Damaging Your Cars Interior & Exterior

Parking your car in direct sunlight, which has no paint protection, will cause the paint surface to fade. Other things which can damage the interior and exterior of your car, include:

  • Summer Heat and UV rays
  • Bird Droppings
  • Tree Sap

  • Brake Dust

  • Rail Dust

  • Acid Rain

  • Industrial Pollution

Bright Car Detailing is a professional studio that is fully equipped to bring your car to showroom condition. Within one day, our Cut & Polish procedures, ranging from single stage to multi-stage paint correction techniques are used to remove oxidised paint, imperfections and contaminates and will restore your cars exterior paintwork to its peak condition.

We do not use harsh chemical or fillers, which will only produce short-term results. For high-class, long-term shine and finish, contact Bright Car Detailing, where your complete satisfaction is our prime motivation.

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