Clay Bar Treatment

Clay Bar Treatment is important in the following areas: the Cut and Polish, Ceramic Coating, and when applying wax sealants to your car. The clay bar treatment or what is also known as the poly shave method makes it possible for your car’s paint surface to hold polish, wax, sealant or ceramic coating. For lasting results, Bright Car Detailing will remove bonded contaminants before any polishing or a ceramic layer takes place.

What is the purpose of Clay Bar Treatment?

  • Remove contaminants from the cars paint surface.
  • Promote a smooth and shiny finish
  • Prepare the surface so polish or wax can stick to the paint.

There are different ways to decontaminate a cars paint finish such as the clay bar and the poly shave method. Bright Car Detailing prefers the high-quality poly shave technique to remove contaminants from your vehicle. We insist on using only first-class products for all of our work and pride ourselves on providing value for money and customer satisfaction.

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