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12 Benefits of Ceramic Coating Paint Protection for Cars

Buying a car nowadays is akin to having a new member of the family. However what happens if the paint on your new car gets damaged due to environmental fallouts and incorrect washing methods? It is with this thought in mind that ceramic paint protection has become a popular choice for most car owners. Here we discuss the 12 benefits as to why ceramic coating paint protection on your car is going to enhance the look of your pride and joy.

1. Maintaining Value

If you opt for ceramic paint, rest assured that your vehicle would be able to withstand the effects of weather, bird droppings and other external elements. This helps to maintain the value of your car which otherwise would depreciate in time.

2. Crisp And Clear Paint

Ceramic paint is transparent and hence gives a shiny, new look to your car. This coating is definitely going to help your car maintain its showroom shine.

3. Easy to Clean

The higher the degree of imperfections in the paint the more scope there is for dirt to stick to its surface. Ceramic Coatings corrects these voids to create a smooth and even finish to the paintwork and when dirt comes in contact with the Ceramic Coating, it finds no place to stick to and your car.

4. 9h+ Hardness

Most of the automotive coats have a hardness level of 4 – 7h. Ceramic Coatings, however, have a hardness level of over 9h. This is significantly different and any slight abrasion will most likely not affect your car.

5. UV Protection

The UV protection factor in Ceramic Coatings minimises the impact of the sun to guard against colour oxidisation of your paint finish.

6. Scratch Resistant

A pencil, for example, will not penetrate through this tough coating.

7. Chemical Resistant

The surface of your car is continuously under attack from environmental elements and sometimes, chemicals too. Ceramic coating is a chemical resistant barrier for your car.

8. Water Repellent

Since the surface of the car remains extremely smooth, water simply runs off the coating. This reduces the chance of rust and mould affecting your car.

9. Brake dust protection

Quite often, we take brake dust for granted, and a lot of people think there is nothing to prevent it. Ceramic protection will reduce the build-up, so you do not have to keep cleaning your car again and again.

10. Rail Dust

Exposure to rail dust creates small particles of metal, which when washed causes small rust spots to form on the surface. A car that is treated with ceramic protection does not allow rail dust to cling to the surface, hence reducing the probability of damage.

11. Bird Droppings

This is another factor, which unknowingly harms your car. Ceramic coating paint protection will help to guard against bird droppings.

12. Hard water Marks

Using hard water (water with a high mineral content) to clean your vehicle can sometimes leave marks, which are difficult to remove. Since Ceramic Coatings are chemical resistant, hard water is not able to affect the surface.

If you have ever contemplated ceramic coating paint protection for your car, these 12 points will give you some insight as to why it should be a priority. After all, your car is your most prized possession.

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